Ophthalmology microscopes provide the ultimate experience for anterior and posterior segment surgery. Crisp, clear visualization, unsurpassed depth of field, better ergonomics, and a more efficient workflow—everything you expect from Haag-Streit. And now, with our C.RED technology, you can experience the most brilliant and stable red-reflex. Work more efficiently and effectively with one of our ophthalmology microscopes.

Hi-R NEO 900
The choice for both anterior and posterior segment surgery, this microscope incorporates the new C.RED reflex technology. C.RED gives you the most constant, stable, and bright red reflex while improving visual access to the anterior chamber, even in low light. With the teaching model Hi-R NEO 900A, you can easily position the secondary stereoscopic assistant microscope on either the left or right side.

This compact microscope is ideal for office use and small procedure use. It combines exceptional optics and high modularity.

This is a simple, effective microscope for anterior segment surgery. With a fixed red-reflex, the ALLEGRA 900 is engineered for cataract surgery.

This unique, compact system sets new standards in imaging. Its integrated inverter shortens the microscope and makes it easier to handle.

  • Provides simultaneous observation of fundus and incision areas
  • Safe for patient’s eye due to its spring-loaded suspension
  • Slim body for increased space to handle instruments
  • Fully centric mounting and rotation to improve ergonomics
  • Internal focus ranging from the retina to the upper vitreous body
  • Autoclavable mounting, drape, and adapter for prism body
  • Provides a swing-away position to minimize interference
Haag-Streit Allegra 90 Ophthalmic Microscope Haag-Streit Allegra 900 Ophthalmic Microscope Haag-Streit Hi-R NEO 900A Ophthalmic Microscope with EIBOS 2