Achieve more efficiency and precision with Haag-Streit otorhinolaryngology operating microscopes that are designed and engineered specifically for the ENT physician. Get the mobility, precise positioning, and superior depth of field you need to get optimal results. We offer several products with diverse solutions to suit every application within otorhinolaryngology.

Hi-R 1000
This exceptional microscope provides permanent balance and sensor-controlled movements.

Hi-R 700
Enabling more natural movements, more precise positioning, as well as effortless rotations in every direction, the 700 offers the best depth-of-field and 3D perception.

This compact, efficient microscope is optimized for procedures needing perfect motion and optics. It is useful when only video is needed for co-observation.

As a compact, ergonomic, flexible microscope combined with exceptional diagnostics, incredible optical quality, and a full 65mm objective lens, this microscope is ideal for the exam room.

Haag-Streit Hi-R 1000 Otorhinolaryngology Microscope Haag-Streit Hi-R 700 Otorhinolaryngology Microscope Haag-Streit Allegra 500 Otorhinolaryngology Microscope Haag-Streit Allegra 50 Otorhinolaryngology Microscope